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2021 Regular Season Standings

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Graphics Batting 2021 Playoff Tournament

Marcus Fry3120621100000030.7500.5000.500
Eric Brainard3113523000010060.7270.4550.455
Tyler Repoli3121411000010000.4170.3330.333
Edison Galan3111400100020130.5450.4170.364
Mike Poncini392310010001010.6670.4000.333
Evan Chamberlain381220000000020.2500.2500.250
Dan Steiner371210000002030.2860.4440.286
Eric Anderson3110111000000010.1820.0910.091
Travis Salois240100000000000.2500.2500.250
Max Adams230100000010010.3330.3330.333
Payten Wawruck261100000010000.1670.1670.167
Mike Susi000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Nick Paasch100000000000000.0000.0000.000
Austin Martin000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Jack Johnson110000000000000.0000.0000.000
Ryan Skaff000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Roger Moyer100000000000000.0000.0000.000
Max Quinn000000000000000.0000.0000.000

Graphics Pitching 2021 Playoff Tournament

Evan Chamberlain3101005.1560470001.760.00
Max Adams2110005100320000.800.00
Roger Moyer1000002100201001.500.00
Nick Paasch1001001.2211230003.335.83
Travis Salois2000000.22000000010.000.00
Austin Martin0000000000000000.000.00
Tyler Repoli3000000000000000.000.00
Ryan Skaff0000000000000000.000.00
Mike Poncini3000000000000000.000.00
Eric Brainard3000000000000000.000.00

Graphics Batting 2021 Regular Season

Edison Galan185815191522221450110.5340.3640.328
Eric Anderson1859101753000004170.3390.3440.288
Tyler Repoli1862111756001033280.3710.3240.274
Marcus Fry1541916103120013180.6590.4440.390
Payten Wawruck113231452000044170.5000.5140.438
Evan Chamberlain183281353010006160.5940.5130.406
Eric Brainard14361012520000531100.3890.4000.333
Bryan Rodriguez133631092000112050.3330.3080.278
Jack Johnson152818510000121100.3210.3550.286
Max Adams16224741100002050.4550.3750.318
Travis Salois8123553000006120.6670.6320.417
Dan Steiner174534310011000260.1110.0850.089
Max Quinn381301000001000.5000.4440.375
Mike Poncini885331000004010.5000.5830.375
Mike Susi360110000001100.1670.3750.167
Nick Paasch1260110000001020.1670.2860.167
Benjamin Cherry140100000000000.2500.2500.250
Ryan Skaff921100000000010.5000.5000.500
Austin Martin7100110000003050.1000.3080.100
Robert Synodi100000000000000.0000.0000.000
Roger Moyer600000000000000.0000.0000.000
Adam Brandt500000000000000.0000.0000.000
Ryan Callanan400000000000000.0000.0000.000
Joe Pishka810000000000010.0000.0000.000

Graphics Pitching 2021 Regular Season

Evan Chamberlain185200028201077250111.001.75
Nick Paasch124001018.154215290101.160.77
Ryan Callanan4401001412749140201.642.00
Max Adams16201001311151215101202.156.46
Ryan Skaff91210012.214991080302.215.16
Adam Brandt5211009.2151812630402.729.13
Roger Moyer6010109.1473201100.772.31
Joe Pishka8031108.1844561101.733.46
Mike Poncini8011003344350202.679.33
Travis Salois8001102.2221120001.363.18
Benjamin Cherry1000001000010000.000.00
Robert Synodi1000001100010001.000.00
Tyler Repoli18000101000020000.000.00
Austin Martin7000000000000000.000.00
Eric Brainard14000000000000000.000.00

Rainbow Graphics

Manager Tyler Repoli

Born in Hartford, August 25, 1992. Repoli graduated from RHAM High School in 2010 where started 4 year as a varsity pitcher and first-baseman. At RHAM he received 3 All-Conference laurels and an All-State election in his senior season. During high school Repoli played summer ball for Tri-County 19U American Legion for five straight summers under coaches Len Lampugnale and Mike Susi. He was recruited as a pitcher by Southern Connecticut State University and earned an Exercise Science degree in 2015. As a medical redshirt recovering from Tommy John surgery, Repoli journeyed with the Owls for a historic season, including a 22-game win streak, a regional championship and a 4th place finish in the DII College World Series. After college, Repoli was an Assistant Coach for the Tri-County Legion Program. In 2016, he revitalized his baseball career in the GHTBL as a first-baseman for the Manchester-based franchise. Repoli assumed the manager role for Rainbow Graphics in 2019 with assistance from his father, Steve Repoli. They operate a contracting business named Repoli Quality Homes LLC, renovating houses in the Hartford area. He currently lives in Marlborough, CT with his wife, Lindsey, who is said to be Rainbow Graphics biggest supporter.

General Manager Jon Brandt

Born in Hartford, Connecticut on July 23, 1962. Brandt was an infielder for Manchester Senior Legion and Manchester High School until graduation in 1980. He matriculated to Eastern Connecticut State University where he played under Coach Bill Holowaty for the Warriors baseball program. Brandt also played summer baseball in the Norwich City League during this time. After earning a bachelor's degree, he coached Manchester's Junior Legion program in 1984. Brandt began a career with Connecticut's State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in 1986, where he currently works as an Information Technology Analyst II.  However he remained active in sports and was named CT USSSA Softball State Director in 2000. Brandt was inducted into the New England Softball Hall of Fame in 2006 and earned USSSA National Director of the Year honors in 2007. He founded a sporting goods supply company in 2013 named Two Guys Sports Solutions for which he represents Easton, Rawlings and Dudley brands. Brandt resides in Manchester, Connecticut and has three children, Hillary, Adam and Angela.