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Orioles @ Jets
Jets @ Colts
Jets @ Graphics - Hardball For Heroes
Greeners @ Jets
Jets @ Greeners
People's @ Jets
Expos @ Jets
Jets @ Expos
Jets @ Jewelers
Jets @ Orioles
Jets @ People's
Steel @ Jets
Jets @ Phillies
Phillies @ Jets
Colts @ Jets - Crush Cancer Night
Graphics @ Jets
Jets @ Steel
Jewelers @ Jets

2021 Regular Season Standings

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Jets Batting 2021 Playoff Tournament

Chris Bogan4156710100010020.6000.4670.467
Corey Plasky4123410000004010.3330.5000.333
Nate Viera4121411000001010.4170.3850.333
Jim Schult4131400000001030.3080.3570.308
Jarod Dalrymple4101300000000030.3000.3000.300
Taylor Kosakowski4112220000001100.1820.3080.182
Kyle Desjardins4102221000004100.3000.4670.200
Chris Oliwa262200000001020.3330.4290.333
Chris Dibble231100000001010.3330.5000.333
Manny Alejandro230100000000000.3330.3330.333
Darrion Williams211100000000001.0001.0001.000
Julian Gonzalez000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Jeff Criscuolo240000000000020.0000.0000.000
Mark Damaschi200000000000000.0000.0000.000
Philip Ledwith000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Bryan Albee300000000000000.0000.0000.000
Carson Mislick000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Austin Segarra000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Garrett Bremer372010000001050.0000.1250.000
Cole Lalli000000000000000.0000.0000.000

Jets Pitching 2021 Playoff Tournament

Bryan Albee3110108742390001.251.75
Mark Damaschi2210008222771111.251.75
Jim Schult41101076405130101.710.00
Manny Alejandro2010003100010000.330.00
Chris Oliwa2000002000220001.000.00
Cole Lalli0000000000000000.000.00
Taylor Kosakowski4000000000000000.000.00
Philip Ledwith0000000000000000.000.00

Jets Batting 2021 Regular Season

Corey Plasky175615215500011012040.4640.4780.375
Jeff Criscuolo1649111474001026390.3670.3900.286
Taylor Kosakowski133571251010002020.4570.3780.343
Kyle Desjardins113351142000003010.3940.3890.333
Julian Gonzalez7203841001000160.4500.4090.400
Cole Lalli11315731000065280.2580.3680.226
Chris Oliwa14374731000001090.2160.2110.189
Nate Viera16427712001002480.2140.2650.167
Jack Blake6204771110000140.6500.3810.350
Chris Bogan7225631000001020.3180.3040.273
Jarod Dalrymple10243420001003160.1670.2760.167
Garrett Bremer5100421000001030.5000.4550.400
Jim Schult6151400000000130.2670.3130.267
Carson Mislick471300000000020.4290.4290.429
Janiel Ramirez281250000000030.2500.2500.250
Chris Dibble4112200000000030.1820.1820.182
Darrion Williams371100000000000.1430.1430.143
Austin Segarra351110000001020.2000.3330.200
Philip Ledwith8111100000000050.0910.0910.091
Zach Gagnon100000000000000.0000.0000.000
Bryan Albee560000000001030.0000.1430.000
Kyle Maglio141000000010000.0000.0000.000
James Kukucka340000000002020.0000.3330.000
Jonah Nielsen130000000000020.0000.0000.000
John Parker200000000000000.0000.0000.000
Manny Alejandro441000000000110.0000.2000.000
Mark Damaschi820000000001110.0000.5000.000

Jets Pitching 2021 Regular Season

Mark Damaschi83400026.219777351211.071.87
Cole Lalli116400025.115111122241111.513.07
Chris Oliwa14210011511338110011.271.40
Jim Schult62021013.111445180111.302.14
John Parker221101129211170110.920.58
Philip Ledwith8101108.110657100002.104.32
Taylor Kosakowski13001107.1722090000.991.97
Manny Alejandro4020105211140000.601.40
Bryan Albee5000002200130102.000.00
Zach Gagnon1000000000000000.000.00
James Kukucka3100000022400000.000.00

East Hartford Jets

General Manager Chris Kehoe

Born February 2, 1967, Chris Kehoe came of age in East Hartford, Connecticut and graduated from East Hartford High School in 1985. He matriculated to the University of Hartford where he earned his degree in 1989. Kehoe has been a key contributor the twilight league since 1991. He began as a player on the longtime franchise and in the year 2000 he became manager. Kehoe managed the East Hartford Jets until 2017, when he stepped into the General Manager role. Kehoe has also served as interpreter of the GHTBL By-laws and revised them in 2019.

Manager Taylor Kosakowski

Born 1987, Kosakowski is a GHTBL veteran pitcher turned championship manager. He grew up in New Britain, CT. After his family moved to Berlin, CT, Kosakowski played for Berlin High School and American Legion Post 68 under Leo Veleas. Connecticut Connecticut State University recruited him to pitch. Kosakowski had his best season for the Blue Devils during his Junior year and competed in the Northeast Conference for four consecutive seasons. During this time, Kosakowksi spent his summers in the GHTBL on the Middletown-based Bill's Sports Shop team (later becoming RMR Construction and then Ferguson Waterworks). He won 3 straight championships as an effective closer for Ferguson Waterworks. In 2019, Kosakowski took over as manager of the East Hartford Jets. The following season, he led the Jets to the 2020 Playoff championship. Kosakowski is also a school psychologist who lives with his wife, Elizabeth in Newington, CT.